Elementor and Visual Composer Website Builder are immense modern drag and drop WordPress content editor plugins. They provide almost the same features and work in very similar ways, allowing users to design the structure and layout of WordPress pages and posts, without needing to understand coding of any kind.
Elementor was released in 2016 and has 2m+ active installs, while the Visual Composer Website Builder (from here on VCWB) was released in 2017 and has 100k+ active installs. Both plugins offer great UX, interaction, and super-fast performance.

Below discussed about how the developers uae these two producrs as a part of a WordPress theme.


Both VCWB and Elementor are available as free and premium versions. Theme integration is only possible with the free versions; you can’t include or resell the premium versions with your theme–there is no so-called “in stock license”–even if you have purchased a developers license. You can always encourage users to upgrade, however, if you feel they would benefit from the advanced features.

Elementor’s free version is hosted on the wordpress.org plugins archive, so you don’t need to include it in your theme pack. However the Visual Composer Website Builder free version is not available at wordpress.org. You either need to download the free version and include in your theme pack, or use the download link with TGM plugin activator.The premium versions in both cases come with header and footer builders, and template systems. You can use pro version features with your own projects, but you can’t develop a theme for sale to be reliant on them. With the free version your buyers can enjoy the fast editors, great interfaces, a couple of free widgets and modules, and the fruits of the great developer APIs.


Elementor needs nothing more than the WordPress general requirements, but with Visual Composer Website Builder you also need to meet the following technical requirements:

Developer APIs

Unlike with WP Bakery page builder, elements in both Visual Composer Website Builder and Elementor are no longer shortcode-based. An element is described as being an independent part of the system; an HTML-based block which can output media and dynamic content.

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In Visual Composer Website Builder the editor works with elements as React components. These components must be built with webpack and enqueued by API. Every element has a preview image, a thumbnail image, a category, and a React-based component. The best way to understand this element structure is to clone the VCWB boilerplate repository on GitHub. Each element comprises a folder with JavaScript, json, PHP, CSS, and media files. The VCWB element system is a little bit complicated and you should be familiar with React to understand it better.


Both Elementor and Visual Composer are established page builders in the WordPress community. But Elementor excels in almost everything when compared to Visual Composer. In addition to that, Elementor has around 5000 reviews on WordPress.org with a 5-star rating, and 5+ million installs- that shows how mu h users like this page builder.

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